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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Packages 2017 at Hervey Bay

Each year, large numbers of Humpback Whales visit The Hervey Bay Marine Park on their Southern Migration from July to about the middle of November.

The Whales interrupt their migration to spend time resting, playing and preparing their calves for the trip to the Antarctic Feeding Grounds. Many operators offer whale watching packages and deals - let us advise you on the best options and we will book your day away including pickup and return to Arlia Sands.

Whale Facts

  • The humpback whale takes its name from the habit of breaking the water surface with a large area of its back when diving.
  • Approximately 3,000 Humpback whales will migrate this season between Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Humpbacks are still the third most endangered species of all the big whales, but now their numbers are increasing 13% each year.
  • They are the fifth largest animal on this planet, growing up to 15 metres in length with a weight of up to 45,000kg (99,000lbs) - equivalent to 11 elephants or 600 persons each!
  • Humpbacks are the most acrobatic of all of the great whales.
  • The species displays a wide variety of leaping, rolling and breaching movements which provide fascinating viewing for whale watchers.
  • The humpback whale is also well known for its complex underwater vocalisations or whale songs particularly during breeding.
  • Adult whales have been seen to breach 20 - 30 times within 5 minutes, displaying awesome grace and power.

Whale Watch Accommodation Package

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